Business Plans, we should all have them but the ones that you spend days (even weeks) writing out only to sit on a shelf are no use to anyone.

The 2017 Federal Budget is out. I have to say I don’t feel there is too much the average person can complain about this year. Those hit have really been foreigners and the large institutions and multinationals. Certainly a budget to try to get those poll ratings up.

Thankfully there were no major reforms announced for superannuation, especially as we will see reforms from last years' budget come into effect on 1st of July 2017

Company Tax Rate Reduction The government has re-committed to see the company tax rate reduce to 25% over the coming 10 years including extending this reduction to incorporated entities with up to $50million turnover.

Those of you with children will relate that you spend much of your time watching Disney and Dreamworks movies for about 10 years. What I’ve found though is the underlying lessons and messages to our children in these are so powerful, and I must confess I enjoy a fun, happy movie over some of the negative, war type ones released for ‘grown ups’.