Start Up Central

  • 3 or 6 Months
  • From anywhere in Australia
  • Covers everything you need to complete your business plan

This course covers off on everything you will need to get your business started, understand your obligations and cover all content necessary to complete a full business plan.

The course is delivered via email and either weekly (13 weeks) or fortnightly (26 weeks) skype sessions of 40-45 minutes. You will have homework to complete between meetings and receive feedback and guidance as we step through the various aspects to consider to ensure you begin your business on a solid foundation.

Topics include:

  • business structures (note costs to set up entities are not included in the course)
  • Defining your 6 and 12 month goals
  • Responsibilities of a Business owner to various organisations & Government Departments
  • Legal, Insurance and other general responsibilities
  • Establishment of accounting system and training to get started
  • Develop Budgets and Cashflows
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Recognise your Visions, Values, Ideal Customer & Customer Experience
  • Formulate marketing ideas and strategies
  • Focus your mindset and success attitude

At the end of the 13 weeks we will have covered not only everything you need to complete a full business plan, but also have you set up and running in your business from a practical point of view. You can certainly start trading as we make our way through the course, or start slowly as we cover topics each week.

There is a choice between the 3 month (13 week) ‘fast track’ course or the same content covered over 6 months with 13 fortnightly meetings.

Evolve - Eric the Evolver - courses
Evolve - Eric the Evolver - Sccess

What do you get?

  • 13 x 40-45 minute skype sessions with a qualified and experienced Business Advisor
  • Weekly emails with a summary of content covered
  • Access to your own secure online ‘portal’ to share information with your Business Advisor
  • Access to a Q&A forum moderated by Evolve Business Advisory where you can ask questions of a general nature to Business Advisors and others in business
  • Access to a range of independent specialists that we can provide referral to for further additional assistance based on your requirements (note: additional service fees apply)
  • Websites
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal
  • Insurance


3 month course - $900 + GST per month
6 month course - $500 + GST per month

Are there other courses you would like us to deliver?

We are aware of the need for information and assistance in business. Do you have a particular topic/series you would like us to consider delivering a course centred around? Please feel free to email us your idea or even better start a discussion in a secure Q&A area by logging into our Member Portal and get the community talking.

It’s important for us to deliver what our members are in need of and we value your feedback in relation to topics you are interested in.